About us

Ability to speak

BNA goals and tasks

• To stand for a full availability of information on scientifically grounded reduced risk smoke free products.

• To facilitate availability of smoke free products to adult users of tobacco and nicotine.

• To develop our recommendations for legislative framework legally binding for the industry and to cooperate in reviewing them as well as to come up with solutions for improvements.

• To develop cooperation of smoke free industry with the key organizations on national and international level.

• To participate in research and development of innovative reduced risk products.

• To organize regular educational events on reduced risk alternatives, to carry out public opinion studies and to inform the society on key issues.

• To promote the development of socially responsible entrepreneurship and activities in Latvia.

We are


We are represented actively in the most influential social partner organizations – we are heard and understood in any level. And, of course, we defend the interests of our members- tax payers –in discussions with govern institutions, regularly perform public opinion researches and inform society on current topics.