Unmask the Soot! Smoke Free Association of Latvia initiates the campaing against illegal trade of disposable e-cigarettes

Smoke Free Association of Latvia today, on 27th of October, 2021 initiates the campaign Unmask the Soot! aiming against illegal advertising, trade and use of tobacco and nicotine containing products. 

Marita Jansone, the executive director of Smoke Free Latvia: “ We need to be fully aware that an advertising of any smoke-free products such as electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco, nicotine pouches is strictly forbidden and the products are intended for use only for the adults. However, the reality is different now – we see cafes where lots of attractive advertising materials with the taste options of e-cigarettes are placed in a way any can see them, social media popular among teenagers are full of intense advertising as well as the minors are being involved to trade those products among themselves. It is totally not acceptable and casts a shadow on those who trade responsible”

There are several activities planned within the campaign and the first will be a memorandum of responsible trade that has been signed on behalf of all the members of Smoke Free Latvia association inviting to join the others engaging in this kind of entrepreneurship. 

 Janis Druva, the member of the board: ” Our memorandum is a roadmap for the society – all of the signees there have stated that they do not sell any kind of smoke free products to minors, obeyall the regulations in force, do not use social networks or apps to talk to minors as well as do not use an attractive packaging to attract them. We are strict – no communication with the minors. “

Andis Rinkevics, head of the Prevention Department, the State Police: “ To reduce smoking among the youngsters we all need to participate – the society and authorities altogether. Everyone can act, for instance, when one sees the minors smoking or buying the products. Perhaps people simply do not understand the seriousness of the problem or do not know where to report. Let me remind that in case you have an information on the places where the minors are buying illegal tobacco and nicotine containing products or gather to use them, report to the State police immediately! There might be a chance to save one’s health.” 

Also the traders will be educated about do’s and dont’s in the trade of tobacco and nicotine containing products with a specially designed informative material. 

Smoke Free Latvia specially asks the society to involve in this and call the authorities immediately when the breach of law can be seen.


If you support the move towards a smoke-free society, have you quit smoking thanks to less harmful alternatives and you are annoyed by cigarette smoke and stink …

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